Dragon Droppings 9 – July 2015

Dragon Droppings 9 – July 2015

Dragon Droppings 9


Urunga Regatta

Finally our first regatta for the year!

We had 6 brand new regatta paddlers, as well as three members that have transferred from another club and Glenys was getting in her races for her level 3 sweep accreditation.

How did we go? Surprisingly well, actually!

We fielded a mixed team with reserves, a men’s team with the help of some Armidale and Titivators men and a fabulous women’s team with just one young lady from Titivators helping with our numbers. Tracey was very excited to have a full team sheet!

All of our teams were very competitive with places in every race. We didn’t make a final but not for any want of trying! And Glenys did 3 races towards her Level 3 sweep accreditation.

The weather was fabulous considering it is the middle of winter. We erected our marquees with a great view of the race course, but with lots of sunshine too, all very civilised.

Someone decided it would be a good idea to have a sledging competition. The competition was pretty fierce with a number of standout competitors, but at the end of the day it was down to Tracey or Peter. Peter got in one last sledge against the Coffs men’s team, which won him the gong.

Our favourite junior Travis had a very busy day. He drummed for our club and Ballina and probably other clubs I don’t know about! He paddled for the Zodiacs (the NSW junior team) in their races as well, and spent a lot of time leaping from one boat to the next. Alysia also paddled for the Zodiacs as a Premier.

Thank you to our coaches and regatta co-ordinator for a very smoothly organised event. I know I had fun, and I think everyone else did too.

Looking forward now to the Rainbow Regatta,