Jacaranda Dragon Boat Races


Saturday October 28th – 2k Turn Race – Sports Clubs, clubs can join with other clubs to make up a team, any combination

Sunday October 29th – 200m Sprint races – community and sports clubs

Major Sponsors – Clarence Valley Council


Welcome to the Jacaranda Dragon Boat Races page. Here you will find all the information that will help you enter this great community fun day. If you would like to know more information about the Jacaranda Dragon Boat Races please contact us.



Saturday October 28th 2017 – 2k Turn Race – sports crews only

Sunday October 29th 2017 – 200m Races community and sports crews

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Dragon boats are long narrow craft propelled forward by 20 paddlers. Each boat has a driver or sweep to guide the boat and a drummer to assist and encourage the paddlers. This is a team sport where the fastest boat will ultimately be the team who work best together as one. While it is true that a physically strong team is often hard to beat, a team with great timing will usually reign supreme. Team work and timing is really what gets these boats racing through the water.

The first Dragon Boat Races were held on the Clarence River in 2003. Each year since, the event has grown with over 30 teams now competing over various categories. The Jacaranda Dragon Boat Races are held in late October, a time when the area’s many jacaranda trees are in full bloom. With the river front abuzz with the sights, sounds and colours of over 1500 people, this event is a huge visual spectacle.

2016 Jacaranda Dragon Boat Races – please click on image (coming)


2014 Jaca Races Sports Highlights:


2014 Jaca Races Community Highlights:


2014 Jacaranda Races – Finals: